The Faces of PTSD website is an extended personal blog and resource directory, compiled by a civilian individual living with PTSD.

Why Did I Make this Site? Because Information Empowers.

When I was first diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I was disheartended by the lack of information available online for ordinary trauma survivors. By ordinary, I simply mean "civilian", or "non-military." Likewise, my family and friends searched for information but found little that addressed the needs of civilian PTSD families. Most online resources for PTSD are geared towards military survivors of trauma.

As I began my recovery journey, I also discovered that in the real world, most people are unaware that PTSD afflicts millions of people that have experienced traumatic events unrelated to war or combat. When disclosing my diagnosis to friends, I have been consistently hit with shock and confusion, and the inevitable question of "from what?!" All of these individuals know my personal history of trauma, but almost none connected with the possibility that these types of events could cause PTSD in a civilian. Guess what? Neither did I. After the shock though, came a clarity and freedom that changed my life. Information Empowers.

I myself was clueless that I could have PTSD, despite being clearly aware that my life had been marked by traumatic events.

I made this website to help empower all those touched by PTSD, regardless of their trauma origin -- on the battlefield, in the home, in public -- the origin is not important on this website. The people are. All of you. Every category of trauma, all origins, all ages, all genders, all ethnicities, all lifestyles, all stages of recovery... simply:

This website is for ALL TRAUMA SURVIVORS, and their support circles.

Many trauma survivors are among the most compassionate and empathetic people on the planet. We want to help people avoid the pain and trauma we’ve endured, and also to help those who have been injured by life, like us.