PTSD & Rape: Lifelong Consequences

Several studies have shown that rape trauma victims have one of the highest risks of developing PTSD and related conditions like depression and anxiety. This article explores the high rates of PTSD among sexual assault survivors, and why rape may have different, longer lasting effects than other trauma types due to both brain chemistry changes and society's treatment of victims.

From The Pacific Standard - The Lifelong Consequences of Rape
Starre Vartan   Dec 15, 2014

"FOR REASONS THAT AREN'T entirely clear to researchers, rape is different from other forms of physical violence and trauma. Even though people may suffer from PTSD following a variety of terrible events, including combat exposure, assault, or a life-threatening accident, rape victims are more likely to experience long-lasting mental and physical problems—and here, long-term can mean a lifetime of torment."

As psychotherapist Laurence Miller writes in his 2013 survey of rape causality: “No other physical encounter between human beings carries such a disparate potential for good or evil."

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